[Udemy] – Sing Like A Pro: The Free Mini Course

Sing Like A Pro: The Free Mini Course

Many have discovered a passion for singing, and perhaps you may be one of them. You may even be wondering how to take your talent to the next level and make a profession out of your singing voice. If you want to sing like a pro and turn it into a career, you need to gain more knowledge to help you hone your craft.

There are several resources available for aspiring singers from one-on-one singing lessons to teach-yourself-to-sing CDs and full diploma courses. While they all may have similarities, particularly with some basic singing exercises, each has its specific purpose and outcome.

Your Future Singing Career

An important thing to consider is the actual singing that you intend to do. Are you taking singing lessons to be the next American Idol, or are you content with booking gigs at weddings and parties? Are you voice training to be a lounge singer, session vocalist, recording artist, choir member, or stage performer? These are just a few of the possibilities for professional singers.

With that in mind, let us discuss and compare a few categories of resources meant to help singers develop their singing voice to their full potential.

Singing Courses

Formal courses on singing are available in most schools. Your local college may have a music conservatory offering diploma course invoice. Although such classes require that you pass a rigid audition and may take as much as four years, the advantage of this, apart from having extensive knowledge in voice training, is that you would have the certified credentials to offer your voice lessons in the future. Most people who graduate from music schools become solo singers or members of symphonic chorales, background vocals for recording or in concerts, or even vocal coaches to other singers.

Alternatively, there are short courses and workshops in singing that are offered. These singing lessons are conducted in groups from as short as a weekend crash-course to as much as a few months. The voice training provided by these workshops is suitable for most applications as they cover basic to intermediate techniques for developing the singing voice of their enrollees.

Self-Learning Materials

Another category falls under self-study materials. The Internet is overflowing with these self-learning guides, which range from informative e-books to easy-to-follow audio files. Many of these do-it-yourself singing lessons are downloadable for a price, but some are accessible for free. Similar materials may also be available at your local bookstores.

Self-study singing exercises have the advantage of flexibility in terms of the time spent to do them. However, they sorely lack the guidance of an experienced teacher who can correct your mistakes and provide the discipline for developing your singing voice.

Personal Voice Coaches

In contrast, that is what personal voice coaches excel at – mentoring and support from an experienced professional to a novice. Vocal coaches offer the combined advantage of a formal learning experience with the flexibility and focus that only personalized voice lessons can provide.

Most contemporary recording and performing artists have seasoned voice mentors behind them, who make sure their wards have their singing voices in perfect tune. If this is the career you want to pursue, investing in voice training by a professional vocal coach will go a long way.

Learn the tips and tricks of best singers to take your voice from ordinary to extraordinary. Discover that learning how to sing like a pro is possible, yes it takes talent; however, it takes practice, singing exercises and vocal training are all key to learning to sing.


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