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Discover ways to hack web sites and net functions like black hat hackers and safe them like safety specialists.

What you may study

  • 90+ Movies to take you from a newbie to superior in web site hacking.
  • Create a hacking lab & wanted software program (on Home windows, OS X and Linux).
  • Uncover, exploit and mitigate a variety of harmful net vulnerabilities.
  • Exploit these vulnerabilities to hack into net servers.
  • Bypass safety & superior exploitation of those vulnerabilities.
  • Superior submit exploitation – hack different web sites on the identical server, dump the database, privilege escalation….and so on
  • Bypass safety & filters.
  • Intercept requests utilizing a proxy.
  • Undertake SQL queries to find and exploit SQL injections in safe pages.
  • Acquire full management over goal server utilizing SQL injections.
  • Uncover & exploit blind SQL injections.
  • Set up Kali Linux – a penetration testing working system.
  • Be taught linux instructions and the best way to work together with the terminal.
  • Be taught linux fundamentals.
  • Perceive how web sites & net functions work.
  • Perceive how browsers talk with web sites.
  • Collect delicate details about web sites.
  • Uncover servers, applied sciences & providers used on track web site.
  • Uncover emails & delicate knowledge related to a selected web site.
  • Discover all subdomains related to an internet site.
  • Uncover unpublished directories & information related to a goal web site.
  • Discover all web sites hosted on the identical server because the goal web site.
  • Uncover, exploit and repair file add vulnerabilities.
  • Exploit superior file add vulnerabilities & acquire full management over the goal web site.
  • Uncover, exploit and repair code execution vulnerabilities.
  • Exploit superior code execution vulnerabilities & acquire full management over the goal web site.
  • Uncover, exploit & repair native file inclusion vulnerabilities.
  • Exploit native file inclusion vulnerabilities to to get a shell.
  • Exploit superior native file inclusion vulnerabilities & acquire full management over the goal web site.
  • Exploit superior distant file inclusion vulnerabilities & acquire full management over the goal web site.
  • Uncover, repair, and exploit SQL injection vulnerabilities.
  • Bypass login varieties and login as admin utilizing SQL injections.
  • Writing SQL queries to search out databases, tables and delicate knowledge reminiscent of usernames advert passwords utilizing SQL injections
  • Bypass filtering, and login as admin with out password utilizing SQL injections.
  • Bypass filtering and safety measurements.
  • Learn / Write information to the server utilizing SQL injections.
  • Patch SQL injections shortly.
  • Be taught the correct method to write SQL queries to stop SQL injections.
  • Uncover fundamental & superior mirrored XSS vulnerabilities.
  • Uncover fundamental & superior saved XSS vulnerabilities.
  • Learn how to use BeEF framwork.
  • Hook customers to BeEF utilizing mirrored & XSS vulnerabilities.
  • Steal credentials from hooked targets.
  • Run javascript code on hooked targets.
  • Create undetectable backdoors.
  • Hack computer systems utilizing XSS vulnerabilities.
  • Repair XSS vulnerabilities & defend your self from them as a person.
  • What will we imply by brute pressure & wordlist assaults.
  • Create a wordlist or a dictionary.
  • Launch a wordlist assault and guess admin’s password.
  • Uncover all the above vulnerabilities mechanically utilizing an online proxy.
  • Run system instructions on the goal webserver.
  • Entry the file system (navigate between directories, learn/write information).
  • Obtain, add information.
  • Bypass safety measurements.
  • Entry all web sites on the identical webserver.
  • Hook up with the database and execute SQL queries or obtain the entire database to the native machine.
  • Uncover, exploit and mitigate CSRF vulnerabilities.


  • Primary IT Expertise.
  • No Linux, programming or hacking data required.
  • Pc with a minimal of 4GB ram/reminiscence.
  • Working System: Home windows / OS X / Linux.


Welcome to my this complete course on Web site & Net functions Hacking! This course assumes you might have NO prior data in hacking, and by the top of it you may be at a excessive stage, with the ability to hack web sites like black-hat hackers and safe them like safety specialists!

This course is extremely sensible however it will not neglect the speculation, first you may learn to set up the wanted software program (on Home windows, Linux and Mac OS X) after which we’ll begin with web sites fundamentals, the totally different parts that make an internet site, the applied sciences used, after which we’ll dive into web site hacking immediately. From right here onwards you may study every little thing by instance, by discovering vulnerabilities and exploiting them to hack into web sites, so we’ll by no means have any dry boring theoretical lectures.

Earlier than leaping into hacking, you may first learn to collect complete data in regards to the goal web site, then the course is split into a variety of sections, every part covers the best way to uncover, exploit and mitigate a typical net utility vulnerability, for every vulnerability you’ll first study the essential exploitation, then you’ll study superior strategies to bypass safety, escalate your privilegesentry the database, and even use the hacked web sites to hack into different web sites on the identical server.

You’ll learn the way and why these vulnerabilities are exploitable, the best way to repair them and what are the correct practices to keep away from inflicting them.

This is a extra detailed breakdown of the course content material:

1. Info Gathering – On this part you may learn to collect details about a goal web site, you may learn to uncover its DNS data, the providers used, subdomains, un-published directories, delicate information, person emails, web sites on the identical server and even the internet hosting supplier. This data is essential as it will increase the probabilities of with the ability to efficiently acquire entry to the goal web site.

2. Discovery, Exploitation & Mitigation – On this part you’ll learn to uncover, exploit and mitigate numerous vulnerabilities, this part is split into a variety of sub-sections, every protecting a selected vulnerability, firstly you’ll study what’s that vulnerability and what does it enable us to do, then you’ll learn to exploit this vulnerability and bypass safety, and eventually we’ll analyse the code inflicting this vulnerability and see the best way to repair it, the next vulnerabilities are lined within the course:

  • File add –  This vulnerability enable attackers to add executable information on the goal net server, exploiting these vulnerabilities correctly offers you full management over the goal web site.
  • Code Execution – This vulnerability enable customers to execute system code on the goal net server, this can be utilized to execute malicious code and get a reverse shell entry which provides the attacker full management over the goal net server.
  • Native File Inclusion – This vulnerability can be utilized to learn any file on the goal server, so it may be exploited to learn delicate information, we won’t cease at that although, you’ll study two strategies to exploit this vulnerability to get a reverse shell connection which provides you full management over the goal net server.
  • Distant File Inclusion – This vulnerability can be utilized to load distant information, exploiting this vulnerability correctly offers you full management over the goal net server.
  • SQL Injection –  This is among the most harmful vulnerabilities, it’s in all places and could be exploited to do all the issues the above vulnerabilities enable us to do and extra, so it lets you login as admin with out realizing the password, entry the database and get all knowledge saved there reminiscent of usernames, passwords, bank cards ….and so on, learn/write information and even get a reverse shell entry which provides you full management over the goal server!
  • Cross Website Scripting (XSS) – This vulnerability can be utilized to inject javascript code in susceptible pages, we cannot cease at that, you’ll learn to steal credentials from customers (reminiscent of fb or youtube passwords) and even acquire full entry to their pc.
  • Insecure Session Administration- On this part you’ll learn to exploit insecure session administration in net functions and login to different person accounts with out realizing their password, you may additionally learn to uncover and exploit CSRF (Cross Website Request Forgery) vulnerabilities to pressure customers to vary their password, or submit any request you need.
  • Brute Drive & Dictionary Assaults- On this part you’ll study what are these assaults, the distinction between them and the best way to launch them, in profitable instances it is possible for you to to guess the password for a goal person.

3. Submit Exploitation – On this part you’ll study what are you able to do with the entry you gained by exploiting the above vulnerabilities, you’ll learn to convert reverse shell entry to a Weevely entry and vice versa, you’ll learn to execute system instructions on the goal server, navigate between directories, entry different web sites on the identical server, add/obtain information, entry the database and even obtain the entire database to your native machine. Additionally, you will learn to bypass safety and do all of that even when you didn’t have sufficient permissions! 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone keen on studying web site & net utility hacking / penetration testing
  • Anyone web site hacking.
  • Anyone keen on studying the best way to safe web sites & net functions from hacker.
  • Net builders to allow them to create safe net utility & safe their current ones.
  • Net admins to allow them to safe their web sites.


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